In the Tibetan language the word miksang means 'good eye';
Choegyam Trungpa Rinpoche, in teaching Tibetan Buddhism in the West, amongst many other skillful means as tools, also integrated arts into the practice.
Allowing the mind to settle into seeing things as they are, and not as we might think of labeling them; responding to life as it unfolds; not as we wished it had been or were now or would be in the future, but wasn't, isn't and won't be.

This collection is named "Miksang-inspired"; mainly because, although capturing the images is by a process of sudden perception and realization of the essence of what stimulated that perception, I do refine the final frame by possibly cropping and basic editing for colour, contrast, sharpness.
As well, I have, as yet, no formal training in miksang and thus would not wish to claim any of the images as 'being good true miksang photography'.

Yet, life certainly becomes simpler, easier even, in such a state of mind. One's creative process, thus, too, benefits and becomes more direct and immediate in the moment, and less cluttered with unnecessary detail, constructs, and intellectual discourse, all of which lead us astray from actual experience.

Can you feel what you photograph
PH1041a miksang shell -2270PH1514a miksang yellow blue wall-8404PH1378a abs porsche -2859PH1513a miksang traffic light on blue PH1513a Ntvrs sc-8393PH1297a streetlamp with roof miksang PH1297a Ntvrs sc-9784PH1634a miksang yellow blue with chimney photowalk commercial drive zf-0955PH1243a branch -2908PH1228a hell and steeple -1713PH1036a miksang red white  blue -2921PH860a shadow in balloon 1 -20,5x13,5-7044.jpgPH513a silence 1 -30x11 -6890PH771a rocks and river 2 -15,5x7,5 -6313PH580a street lamp 1 autumn -28x9 -7282PH691a facade 3 -19x13PH783a tent and tree 1 -22,5x15 -3521-2PH760a branch and clouds 1 -20x30 -2325PH870a hot air balloon and gulls 1 -14x9 sept09-6796.jpgPH778a spider on boat hull 2 -16x11 -2708PH1040a ship horn  -2791PH1017a pan textiles hot air balloon -7131-2-3-4-5