- ordering of prints directly from this website is enabled;
gallery quality prints on various types of paper, framed or un-framed choices, in various sizes available; mailed directly to your address;
- prices kept low;
- I generally suggest to order just the simple un-framed print from the website, to save cost; getting it framed yourself also leaves you more frame selections;
this also allows using your budget for possibly larger (more visual impact) prints, rather than spending the money
on heavier shipping costs

during the ordering process online,
set :
- cropping to 'fit'
- paper type use 'colour' - even for black-and-white images (most of my black&white images are slightly toned )
- no luster coating-protection needed if print is to be displayed in frame

- for any other requests or inquiries, please send me an e-mail at: crimsonbamboo@mac.com

I hope you enjoy the images

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