Composing Vancouver:
in light and shadow, shapes, forms, and lines, with colour, black and white, graphic, painterly, or simply as is
PH2585a folio Vancouver FotoGrafika architecture highrise-0782-3PH2581a zebra crossing in rain -0716PH2572a folio Vancouver FotoGrafika ClockTower -1408--16PH2573a folio Vancouver FotoGrafika golden blue -1374PH2497b folio VancouverFotoGrafika highrise reflection sfx -0167--70PH2431b folio VancouverFotoGrafika Square  ParkPlace highrise 15x15@300 wsg zf-9657--6PH2485a folio Vancouver FotoGrafika WallCentre highrise with birds 26,5x26,5@300 wsg zf -0416--26PH2390a folio Vancouver FotoGrafika Wall Center building 20x13@300 -3150PH2354a folio Vancouver Foto-Grafika convention centre sails 20x13@300 nsl zf-0582-3PH2351a folio Vancouver Photo-Grafika 20x13@300 nsl zf-5187PH2231a folio Vancouver Photo-Graphica sfx 19x12@300 srgb ns zf-3840--2PH2225a folio Vancouver Photo-Graphica sfx 17x19@300 ns zf-3559-60PH2065a urban reflection vancouver sfx zf-2333-4-5-6PH1717a architecture Angelo Calori Building 43 Powell str vancouver sfx zf-4745folio Vancouver Foto Grafika highrise with crow PH2512a -9021--3folio Vancouver FotoGrafika HarbourCenter PH2518a -9025--9Vancouver Foto Grafika - street canyon - highrise PH2540b -0083--6PH2298a folio Vancouver Photo-Graphika 9x9@360 nsl zf-5598PH    a folio VancouverFotoGrafika highrise wires and sun reflection -5180--3PH2229a folio Vancouver Photo-Graphica sfx 17x17@300 ns zf-3632--4